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Barriers, bollards and blockers

If your private car parking is being used by every Tom, Dick and Harry, you need help from Openings.

We can install a range of car park access solutions to ensure that you, your staff and your visitors will always find a space.

Car Park Barriers

All our barriers and access controls have been designed and built to withstand just about anything the weather can throw at them.

Rising Bollards

For sensitive industrial sites, access to the delivery yard needs careful monitoring. To save on manpower, install rising bollards.

Road Blockers

Popular on high security and military sites, our reinforced steel road blockers can be activated instantly in the event of a problem.

Wide choice of access control

From state-of-the-art digital keypad systems to fingerprint readers, you choose the level of security required and leave the rest to us.

Intercoms, key pads and scanners

Openings supplies and fits a wide range of access technology to meet all levels of security. From inductive loops that trigger a barrier to rise on approach to biometric scanners, fob readers and audio visual systems, the choice is yours.

The team at Openings takes pride in offering a comprehensive after sales service to all of our customers throughout Bournemouth and Poole that includes repairs, maintenance and servicing. Discover the ideal access technology for your needs, alongside our gates Dorset expertise.

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